Patrick McHenry

And there's a long list of members who appear opposed to the bill.
Why? Well, I can't resist. So, although these bills passed in the House of Representatives this evening thanks to the early
McHenry was first elected to Congress in 2004. He was chosen to be the chief deputy House majority whip earlier this year
It seems the Export-Import Bank of the United States is once again putting up walls to keep the duly-elected representatives of the American people from getting a look at their inner workings.
He added that he would support "a conservative pro-growth agenda that will improve our economy, create jobs and help middle
There is almost nothing to which a person aspires that can be gained without compromise. The American people do not need to be made afraid of contrariness, or impassioned dissent, or of cooperation. That is a fear that will surely scuttle our democracy from within.
Several North Carolinians attended a town hall held by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) in Swannanoa to confront McHenry about
The hearing comes as DOJ, Treasury and financial regulators battle perceptions that they consider some large financial institutions
"Congressman McHenry has always been a strong proponent of cost-benefit analysis, and in fact, the SEC finally agreed to
She now has an opportunity to show that she also has the strength of character to lead this often-fractious agency in these difficult and challenging times. Nothing less than the safety and integrity of our capital markets depend on the choices she makes.
Rep. Patrick McHenry wanted Elizabeth Warren to not be head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He got his wish. But now Massachusetts has a fearsome Senate candidate who has Republican Sen. Scott Brown very nervous.
By routing around traditional sources of seed-stage funding and raising money directly from friends or people who believe in your idea on the Internet, smart entrepreneurs in every community can have a shot.
The six areas outlined comprise debt collection; consumer reporting; consumer credit and related activities; money transmitting
On Tuesday, Representative Patrick McHenry called Elizabeth Warren a liar. Twice. As Obama’s advisor for the new Consumer
Second, when Professor Warren stated that she had an agreement with your staff that she would attend yesterday's hearing
And some North Carolina residents appear to have found the page, as well. McHenry's spokesman said he was in a meeting Wednesday
Elizabeth Warren tells the truth, talks straight, and fights for the middle class, and that makes her dangerous to the people who call the shots for "leaders" like Patrick McHenry and Spencer Bachus.
"Those entities I think are at the discretion of Congress," Guinta argued. "There's an oversight process through appropriations
Republican lawmakers have simultaneously mounted a pointed attack on the agency. This month, Warren, appearing on the Daily