Are you looking for a nonpartisan voter guide for the Patrick Murphy vs. Marco Rubio Senate race? One that will give you
Everyone knew Zika was going to be an emergency for Florida's tourism and real estate economy as well as a public health crisis, but Rubio and the GOP leadership let Congress go on a seven-week vacation without funding the race against Zika.
The man behind "die quickly" had plenty more barbs.
By Thomas Kennedy People of color have born the unfair burden of these efforts by Scott's administration to suppress vote
This column has always loved a good rant. Most of the time, we provide our own rant at the end of the column, on a subject too big to be contained in talking points.
In what appears to be an attempt to balance his anti-research stance, Marco Rubio put his name on a bill which sounds good: Senate Resolution 36. So where's the money for it?
The Senate minority leader is raising funds to stop Grayson after their fight last week.
It's a snub for his controversial rival, Bernie Sanders supporter Alan Grayson.
Many other Florida Democrats remain undecided.
"For years, Senator Rubio has put the needs of Floridians behind his presidential ambitions," Murphy said. "We need a leader
Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.) defeated his rival, Republican Carl Domino, in Tuesday's midterm election. Domino served in