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Back when the Arizona Cardinals were 7-1 and had the best record in the entire NFL, I wrote a piece here entitled "Why We Shouldn't Trust the Arizona Cardinals' Early Success" and was generally bashed for my stance and analysis.
At 7-1, the Arizona Cardinals have the best record in the NFL. This improbable success has led the team to the top of the NFC West, arguably the toughest division in footbal. But, there are some major reasons why you shouldn't trust this football team.
Check yourself, Mayweather. Depositing a $15 million signing bonus check simply isn't on the top of Patrick Peterson's to
Texans star Andre Johnson was blanketed by Patrick Peterson in the end zone. The dynamic Cardinals cornerback nearly defended
At no point in the NFL's history have teams put such a premium on the shutdown cornerback. Why? Because if you can eliminate
Fitzgerald, who will turn 30 before the season starts, caught up with The Huffington Post to discuss newly minted signal caller Carson Palmer, his friendship with Richard Sherman and his relentlessly healthy approach to life off the football field.
Speaking of corners, what have you noticed from the rookie Tyrann Mathieu? Okay, this is the question everyone wants to know
The management apparently agrees with Fitzgerald, having signed Kolb in the 2011 off-season to a five-year, $63 million contract
If he does, Johnson will give the Rams what every team is looking for. When Nick Saban was coaching the Dolphins, he wasn’t
More so than ever before, teams with top ten picks have gaping holes in personnel. Six of those teams desperately need a