patrick swayze

"I got a lot of flack," Lisa Niemi Swayze said of remarrying after the actor died from pancreatic cancer.
Gyllenhaal co-starred with Swayze in "Donnie Darko," and is playing a reimagined version of the late actor's role in the "Road House" remake.
The shredded actor kicks butt in the remake about a bar bouncer violently trying to keep the peace.
The "Magic Mike" star confirmed that his production company holds the rights to the 1990 romantic drama, which also starred Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg.
The "Nightcrawler" actor will play a bar bouncer with a mysterious past in a reimagined version of the 1989 thriller set in the Florida Keys.
“Dirty Dancing”celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer.
Some 33 years after mastering that gravity-defying lift, Baby Houseman is back to help a new version of the beloved classic find footing in the 21st century.
"I Am Patrick Swayze" will hit the Paramount Network on Aug. 18, which would have been the actor's 67th birthday.
Both became pop culture legend by infiltrating the mainstream with camp and complexity.