Patriot Act

One of the few major comedy news shows from a comedian of color, "Patriot Act" delved deep into a range of issues, including topics about South Asian identity.
The “Patriot Act” host explained why “we gotta focus like McConnell” in 2020.
Comedian Hasan Minhaj demanded action on the student debt crisis from the House Financial Services Committee.
The "Patriot Act" host explained the "development crunch," an exploitative cycle that runs rampant across the video game industry.
The "Patriot Act" host traded embarrassing parents stories with Jimmy Fallon and recounted a hilarious high school moment he shared with his dad.
The "Patriot Act" host once showed Ellen DeGeneres how to pronounce his own name. So he's fit for the task.
The comedian and "Patriot Act" star was named one of the 100 most influential people by the magazine.
The "Patriot Act" host did a Q&A with the popular Facebook group "Subtle Curry Traits."
“We got Saudi Arabia to issue its very own Muslim ban,” the "Patriot Act" host said after Netflix bowed to the country's demand to remove a previous episode.