patriot act extension

Sanders told Couric he plans to vote against the USA Freedom Act, which orders the government to transition to a system in
The NSA has lost some of its spying powers, at least for now.
The Freedom Act would end spy agencies' bulk collection of domestic telephone "metadata" and replace it with a more targeted
The Senate's pro-surveillance wing is scrambling to advance new legislation to restore the NSA's unchecked ability to spy on all of us. And they're in a rush. Authorization for the federal government's bulk collection of phone records is set to expire on June 1.
WASHINGTON, May 26 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged the U.S. Senate to resolve its impasse over legislation
"There's not a shred of evidence that anybody's civil liberties have been violated by it. Not a shred," the former Florida
"He has the power to do it at his fingertips. He began this illegal program. He has every power to stop it and yet the president
The House overwhelmingly passed legislation to tone down surveillance the NSA can conduct under the Patriot Act by ending
In March 2002, the following legislative session, Rubio led the fight to defeat a fellow Republican's bill that would have
Wyden's efforts to end the program, the scope of which was revealed by former defense contractor Edward Snowden's leaks two
The current sunset debate is our first opportunity as a society to grapple with the mass-surveillance programs revealed by Edward Snowden, and we can't afford to let this opportunity pass us by.
The "See Something, Say Something Act" seeks to amend the Homeland Security Act so that any person who files a report in "good faith" will be immune from civil suit. We should be skeptical of any act extending immunity from the law.
The American people deserve to hear a real debate about what government surveillance programs are doing in their name. Only then can we make an informed decision about whether the claimed security benefits of those programs justify their costs.
With Obama in France, the White House said the president used an autopen machine that holds a pen and signs his actual signature
The action comes a month after intelligence and military forces hunted down Osama bin Laden. Facing a midnight deadline when
Senators from both parties have scoffed at the logic, arguing that the White House is essentially asking lawmakers to forfeit
It's unclear whether the Paul amendment, which would restrict law enforcement from accessing firearm receipts, will have
The Patriot Act is (again) up for renewal this month. By ending the Patriot Act's erosion of our civil liberties, we can protect the freedoms that make America worth fighting for.