patriot act reauthorization

When several key provisions of the broad, post-9/11 surveillance law known as the Patriot Act were up for renewal five years ago, the Senate debated for just 20 seconds before reauthorizing the sweeping powers by a voice vote.
And whether reformers’ current momentum will continue is unclear. “I had been briefed on virtually all of it,” said Sen. Dick
WASHINGTON, May 26 (Reuters) - The Obama administration has no backup plan if the U.S. Congress fails to act on legislation
WASHINGTON -- With senators appearing steadfastly divided on whether to renew expiring Patriot Act provisions or replace
While the reform bill that passed the House would add a slot for a privacy advocate, Paul and the ACLU have both noted that
The act is at the center of a bitter controversy, with a federal appeals court ruling this month that Section 215 does not
The White House has said that the program will end without congressional reauthorization. "If Section 215 sunsets, we will
What the Patriot Act did was legitimize a violation of Americans' long-cherished privacy rights. Its passage has snowballed into a massive assault on our constitutional freedoms.
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