We’re approaching National Tequila Day, which means for most of us, the following day is National Hungover Time. But it doesn’t
Sit back and get ready to take a bite of your spring break.
Invite some friends over for winter cocktails that are fun, easy to mix up and will chase any chill away.
According to, the main types of tequila are split into two categories: 100% Blue Agave, and Tequila Mixto (Mixed
If you've ever been intimidated by playing at-home mixologist, making punch is a lot less stressful.
But according to another study that Jernigan co-authored, published in February by the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental
National Tequila Day is July 24. Here are the 10 best reasons to celebrate.
Both the Patron and Sauza margaritas will be made with the same ingredients: triple sec, a blend of lime and lemon juice
To actively participate in the 10 days of festivities usually results in weariness and exhaustion from another dimension, but inside the mayhem are memorable sparks of genius that inspire my return every year.
Creative Colaition President Tim Daly Here is a personal tour of the Patron Express. Creative Coalition President TIm Daly
A piece of fresh butter-poached lobster on top of a deconstructed bisque was the seafood bite dreams are made of, and the meal closed out with a luxurious Patrón XO Dark Cocoa and chocolate chili sauce concoction that could have been a desert on its own.
It's an ancient tradition in Jalisco, Mexico. The jimador in his wide hat and boots, the elegant arc of attack, the final swift plunging of the sword. Bullfight? Not exactly. It's harvest time for blue agave plants
I decided to hold a three-way throwdown -- a Battle Of The Blancos, if you will -- to determine the tastiest tequilas, with myself and a pair of seasoned margarita mavens as the judges.