Patti Davis

Patti Davis warned "the image of a president who has a moral compass" is fading from our collective psyche.
Patti Davis said the president's sense of decency is "nonexistent" in a stinging editorial for The Washington Post.
"There is no defense, no rationalization, no suitable explanation for what my father said on that taped phone conversation," Patti Davis wrote in The Washington Post.
“You stay silent when... Trump speaks of immigrants as if they are trash, rips children from the arms of their parents and puts them in cages,” said Patti Davis.
Patti Davis said her dad would be "horrified" and "heartbroken" by the state of the U.S. and the Republican Party under Trump.
Donald Trump's glib responses to tragedies "are only salt in our wounds," Patti Davis added.
"Your memory snaps photos of the details that will haunt you forever. It blacks out other parts that really don’t matter much," she writes in support of Christine Blasey Ford.
Patti Davis wrote a withering letter to mark the anniversary of her dad's death.
Introduced to the world as the daughter of President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, Patti Davis has created a legacy of her own as the New York Times bestselling author of eleven books.
Conservative pundit Heather MacDonald is on a one-woman crusade to prove a war on cops that doesn't exist, while grossly exaggerating crime upticks in a handful of cities as a new crime wave.
Davis noted that Michael Reagan lived with her and her parents while gay friends and family members were present and were
On this week's episode of "Gwissues," I spend time with former President Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti Davis. In the interview, Patti discusses her new work of fiction entitled "Till Human Voices Wake Us;" a lesbian novel that may be found on the Kindle bookstore.
According to the Independent, Davis had a hard time convincing publishers to take on her new novel -- so much so that she
My mother has said goodbye to a lot of her friends in the past few years; she has whispered affectionate words in hushed
"Written on the Body is a secret code only visible in certain lights: the accumulations of a lifetime gather there." ~Jeanette