Patty Jenkins

"She can’t be victimized," Carter said of her iconic character. "She cannot be taken advantage of by men."
Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and company are the brain, the beauty, the jock, the rebel and the recluse
The "Saturday Night Live" alum will face off against Gal Gadot in the sequel.
“Women are not a minority in the world, yet the current state of the industry says otherwise,” said Cate Blanchett.
She's been tapped to helm the next Harley Quinn film starring Margot Robbie.
The actress' "my amazing Amazon" shoutout is one for the gods.
She will be just the second woman to helm a superhero film in the DC Universe.
The legend was responding to Natalie Portman's "all-male nominees" jab from the Golden Globes.
Other nominees include Colin Kaepernick, Kim Jong Un and the Dreamers.
"I stand with and defend all of the men and women who are revealing these horrific encounters all over the industry and this world," she wrote on Twitter.
Carter called the "Avatar" director's criticisms "thuggish" and "ill advised."