Let any who doubt the lamentable state of theological education among Christians in America consider this fact: Right now
You Belong To Me, a novel by Colin Harrison Reviewed by Lloyd I Sederer, MD You need not be “into” maps, as is the protagonist
A Conversation with Anthony De La Torre Mike Ragogna: So am I speaking with Anthony or Jack? Anthony De La Torre: [laughs
British nonprofit press Comma will forgo American titles in favor of Arabic writers, writers of Muslim heritage and refugees.
Jesus didn't go to church. Scholars of early Christianity have long known this. The earliest gospels that recount his life never describe him attending church.
Paul's influence on the world has been enormous, so it's important to be aware of his moral vision and the danger that it
There are no divine projects without human ones, and while we can point to tradition or even sacred holy writ, Jesus seems to be warning to beware if you begin to think that in a holy book alone you have life, without also listening to the human cries behind that holy book.
Only when we recognize the common humanity that we all share will we all be free. We cannot treat one another as if we can do without the other. We are too interconnected.
Parents can opt out of having their kids vaccinated for either philosophical or religious reasons, depending on the state. Posturing as a defender of individual liberty, when people already have it, is selfish political grandstanding and nothing more.