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An Arizona man suspected of entering a home uninvited and threatening to kill residents had an unwitting and unwilling accomplice
The allegations against Crist first surfaced in a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Investigative Report on former Republican
Sheriff Joe must answer for the abuse of a pregnant American citizen and countless others. Arizona voters have one question to ask themselves, what more can Sheriff Arpaio do before they stand up and make a change?
The Phoenix New Times reported last February that the anti-illegal immigration sheriff had threatened 34-year old Jose Orozoco
The problem is that our immigration laws give such a massive incentive for immigrants to try to defraud the system that they create similar incentives for immigration and law enforcement officials to do the same.
The Pinal County sheriff, who stepped down as Arizona's co-chair for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign amidst allegations
Jeff Tomb, a businessman who is running for county supervisor in the area, was frank in allowing that he didn't think, in
Parraz, who ran for Senate in 2010, talked about his new campaign against Arpaio, whose alleged abuse of undocumented immigrants
The ad, scheduled for various TV outlets, pulls no punches:"He's not tough. He's terrible. He needs to resign."
Why do gay Americans like Paul Babeu cling to GOP ideology and rhetoric that are specifically designed to deny people like him the fullness of an American dream and great American love story?
It's amazing how coming out of the closet has propelled Sheriff Babeu to publicly espouse a whole other brand of Republicanism than the one he was embracing just days ago. It's just one example of how the closet corrupts -- and how coming out liberates.
For the benefit of Paul and any other closeted, Republican law-enforcement officers out there contemplating a Congressional run, I would like to share with you eight rules he would do well to heed.
WASHINGTON -- Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's weekend confirmation that he is gay makes him the fourth openly gay or bisexual
Babeu publicly denied the deportation allegations, but did acknowledge that he'd had a three-year relationship with his accuser
"One, he's legal. He has said that. I've said that," Babeu said. "And then, in addition, this whole thing about deportation
Pinal County, Ariz. Sheriff Paul Babeu, a Republican congressional candidate, stepped down on Saturday from his position
UPDATE: Talking Points Memo reports Babeu is now stepping down from his role as Arizona co-chair of the Mitt Romney for President