Paul Begala

Appallingly insensitive — and false, Democratic strategist Paul Begala recalls after the president tries to bash Rep. Ilhan Omar using images of the terrorist strike.
"Our president is compromised and we want to know why," the commentator said.
When it comes down to the freakiest of the freaky in the whole Republican field, Donald Trump is very hard to top. Trump not only is running for president, he's apparently on a mission to singlehandedly destroy his own Trump brand, forevermore.
“Miller used to say this: 'I cannot call myself a progressive Southern governor if I’m not out front on changing the flag
Candidates would be well advised to pay more attention to voter opinion, economic realities, and the shifting political tide -- and less attention to the empty racket emanating from the reflexively anti-Social Security and anti-populist peanut gallery.

Two leading authors and media mavens predict a) an Iranian nuc deal that Obama enforces without Congress and b) the Court will not overthrow Obamacare on a technicality. But they clash on Billary's money and emails: Frum thinks voters should care while Bob predicts they won't and shouldn't.

Life in the White House is demanding not just for the commander-in-chief, however. While a recent study found that more than
Setting a level for hypocrisy usually not so blatantly shown by Democrats, Senator Dianne Feinstein is hopping mad that the government spied on her computers. The irony is so thick you can spread it on toast.
I wish them all the best. God knows CNN needs a winner, and all of us need a newsier, better CNN. After all, I got fired for creating the show.
A top liberal SuperPAC in the 2012 election had undisclosed financial ties to the private equity firm Bain Capital — something
"Crossfire" aired from 1982-2005. At one time, "Crossfire" was one of CNN's most prominent shows, airing more than once a
The exchange came during a question about Clinton's potential presidential aspirations. Begala -- a former strategist for
No surprise that a populist progressive Democrat like me would like President Obama's State of the Union address that talked so much about lifting up the middle class. But there's a background story on getting to the president's message last night.
WASHINGTON -- As the sun rises on his second inaugural, President Obama is already a significant figure in American history
"He means what he says," Christie said of Obama. WASHINGTON -– In the closing days of a presidential campaign, there is often
Barack Obama's convention speech stayed true to an important southern rhetorical tradition. Stay with me here. I'm about to teach you how to call someone a %#@&* in public and be polite at the same time. See, politics is fun!
"Some of those means are traditional -- like national and regional drivetime radio, or interviews with networks and their
Aside from Burton and Begala, the super PAC has hired veterans of other massive fundraising efforts. Harold Ickes, former
A quick and dirty survey of the nation's most prominent futurists left no doubt that Chelsea is the odds on favorite in 2032 to become the most powerful person in the history of the Milky Way.
One of the ads released Monday: "He called one of Arizona's [draconian immigration] laws a model for the nation," Medina