Paul Begala

CNN's Paul Begala was baffled by the leak, which contained guidance for the Florida governor's strategy in the GOP presidential debate.
CNN's Paul Begala, a former strategist for Bill Clinton, said Trump's tirade shows he's suddenly "so scared."
The comedian, talk show host and political influencer is the 23rd recipient of the award.
The former "Daily Show" host offers up an apology... but not to Carlson.
During a panel at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, CNN political analyst Paul Begala predicted that President Donald Trump will name a new vice president by July.
Paul Begala says Trump has already set the stage for ditching his vice president.
Appallingly insensitive — and false, Democratic strategist Paul Begala recalls after the president tries to bash Rep. Ilhan Omar using images of the terrorist strike.
"Our president is compromised and we want to know why," the commentator said.