Paul Bettany

If your favorite Marvel theory didn't come true, this is an explanation.
The "WandaVision" star shares a tale about shooting a scene from "The Da Vinci Code"... and it's a real gas.
"He dug himself this hole. He can get out of it,” director Matt Shakman said.
Paul Bettany reveals a moment that connected to "WandaVision."
The possible Marvel mistake is a hot-button issue.
The brilliantly trippy Disney+ series may make you Wanda how its Marvel heroes ended up in a sitcom universe.
Written and directed by "Six Feet Under" creator Alan Ball, the Southern coming out drama hits Amazon Prime this week. HuffPost has a sneak peek.
And one has to do with the most debated aspect of Han Solo.
Ron Howard's drama-addled spinoff doesn't get Han quite right, but the movie is entertaining in a witless way.
Ironman/Tony Stark: He's the guy everyone calls on in a pinch -- and he'll always come to the rescue, but he wants the glory for doing it, and he has no intention of sharing the spotlight. It's his way or the highway, and you're never going to mean more to him than his favorite suit.