One should probably vet a lawyer the same way a lawyer should vet his client's claim when it causes the attorney's eyes to roll when he first hears it. If the allegation doesn't pass the decent lawyer's "smell test" it's likely it won't pass anyone else's smell test, especially the judge's.
Lake's colleague Nathan Shaman, in an accompanying filing, also said Ceglia refused to comply with Foschio's order. The case
Before the hearing, emails bearing Ceglia's name and sent to several media outlets accused the Palo Alto, Calif.-based Facebook
Facebook says they’ve found the “authentic contract” between Ceglia and Zuckerberg. Facebook is also charging that Ceglia
First, Facebook is ruthless in its criticism of Ceglia, blasting the plaintiff as an "inveterate scam artist" relying on
While Ceglia's allegations seemed far-fetched in 2010, Business Insider reports that he has refiled his case and has brought
Remember Paul Ceglia? He's the fellow in upstate New York who sued Mark Zuckerberg last July, claiming that, way back in
The western New York man suing over claims he owns 84 percent of Facebook Inc. has a copy of a $3,000 cashier's check that
Facebook says it "strongly suspects" forgery is involved in a contract showing its founder Mark Zuckerberg signed away more
Facebook recently celebrated its 500 millionth user, according to Connors. Zuckerberg's undertaking "at that time was a fledgling