Paul F. Tompkins

These memes aren't at all played out, said no one ever.
Zero Blog Thirty Epi4: Rob O'Neill Earwolf Presents isn't so much a soundcast itself as it's a showcase for a variety of
If you're a fan of Lake Placid, I dare you to mount a sensible defense against this show's hilarious onslaught. And yet, I am strangely driven to see it again...
Perhaps they shouldn't have asked someone with so much experience. Comedian Sarah Silverman, who last month released a video
Who: Thrilling Adventure Hour Where: 149 7th St, Brooklyn, NY When: October 11, 2014 What: The Workjuice Players and so many
Watch the trailer above, but beware... Nash wrote and directed "Jason Nash Is Married" based on his web series of the same
We already loved Paul F. Tompkins' interview series Speakeasy, which features awesome people chatting with the ever-dapper
"That's the power of laughter for us. When you laugh at [something you never thought you'd laugh at], like slavery for example
Is it possible for the adorable Alison Brie to look dead in the eyes? Comedian Paul F. Tompkins finds out on his web series
TIL: there's nothing better than Maya Rudolph and Paul F. Tompkins singing "Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. This
Two other notable inclusions: Charles Barkley, who is definitely the most entertaining NBA analyst, but who few would have
Every night when I go to sleep, I have the sounds of Comedy Bang Bang or Doug Loves Movies flowing through my ears. As I step on the subway, I'm listening to Who Charted?.
Well, this is the most delightful and surprising way to end the year. Paul F. Tompkins sang the theme to "Skyfall" by Adele
It's that same personal style that lends itself so well to the chat show format. In April, Tompkins debuted the one-hour
If you liked Paul F. Tompkins' recent Comedy Central special and DVD, you need to get a copy of the comprehensive Laboring Under Delusions: Live in Brooklyn.
If you aren't already familiar with the Thrilling Adventure Hour, then consider this a public service. "A staged production
Zach Galifianakis is making the press rounds lately to promote his first big starring role in a non-Todd Phillips movie, "The
Comedian Paul F. Tompkins is a dapper man -- the kind of guy you could imagine seeing in a prohibition-era pub talking jubilantly