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The "Game of Thrones" star shares the screen with Henry Golding in the upcoming holiday flick.
The two will star alongside "Game of Thrones" actress Emilia Clarke in Paul Feig's rom-com.
Stella Meghie, director of YA film adaptation "Everything, Everything," is on board to direct the film.
"I know this is the hardest thing in the world [for women] to come out like this, and it’s great. But they can’t do it alone."
The MoveFilm boys are back with their thoughts on one of the most anticipated and most divisive movies of the year: Ghostbusters
The quality of the Ghostbusters reboot has been one of the most divisive topics on the internet in 2016. Legions of fans (men) have decried the reboot as terrible for having an all-female team. But now that the film is certified fresh where do we go from here?
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But Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock made a dynamite comedy duo.
People really, truly hate the idea of women "taking over" their beloved Ghostbusters. But I don't feel like women are taking it over. I feel like women are getting to finally be Bill Murray.