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Kevin Durant, Paul George and Joel Embiid were among the players to fire back at fans' insulting messages in the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" segment.
Indiana Pacers All-Star Small Forward, Paul George has one year remaining on his current contract and recently stated that
In the eyes of a generation of NBA players who grew up idolizing him.
Professional athletes are the perfect subjects to study the "dick pic effect" -- how the unwelcome release of one's private privates affect one's day at work. Through box scores and databases, we can monitor an athlete's performance before and after a penis photo is published online.
George's tweets come just days after TMZ released a horrific video of the former Baltimore Ravens running back punching his
Kids as young as six and seven now routinely play one sport all year round, not just to the detriment of their experience, but increasingly at their physical peril.
Indiana's Paul George had yet to be wheeled into the operating room, and the naysayers and sports pundits were speculating as to the response of the Pacers' Larry Bird and his fellow NBA front office cohorts.
Through the pain, Paul George found the strength to remain positive. The Indiana Pacers' 24-year-old All-Star shared a message
As word spread among NBA players that Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George suffered a gruesome leg injury, many of them took
"This is a tough blow, not only for USA basketball but for the Indiana Pacers," USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo said