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A popular show has returned better than ever.
Movies and TV tend to depict infertile people as joyless and evil. 'Private Life' counters that narrative.
Get a first look at Season 2 with this exclusive teaser.
When Doerries puts on a show, a Greek chorus from the heavens sings praise of the scale of his ambition, and well, yes... hubris. He has taken the very same Greek dramatists that have inspired the culture wars and the politics of identity, and redeployed them in the service of public health.
The veteran actors star in the new baseball movie "The Phenom."
In this last episode become aware that Wendy went to Chuck's most trusted dominatrix to learn the tricks of her trade in
The best way to envision the lead characters in Showtime's intense new drama Billions is to picture a weather map where four hurricanes are simultaneously converging.
A version of this post also appears on Gossip Central. At 21 Club this week, screenwriter/ director Oren Moverman spoke excitedly
What I appreciate about Love & Mercy, the fantastic new film about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, is its assertion that true musical genius is an ineffable gift -- and potentially a curse -- bestowed upon the rare few.