paul gosar

The MSNBC host isn't buying the latest outrage from the right.
The far-right Arizona lawmaker went off in a diatribe against Army Gen. Mark Milley but managed to include multiple anti-gay insults.
Paul Gosar has repeatedly promoted the work of the prominent white nationalist Nick Fuentes.
Critics slammed the House speaker over a head-spinning statement released after his latest controversial move.
Nearly two years ago, Democrats removed the Republican representatives from their committees because of violent and offensive remarks or actions.
Cameras caught the progressive chatting with the Arizona Republican, who once shared video that depicted him killing her.
Amid swift backlash, the extremist Republican then deleted his tweet.
Rep. Lauren Boebert railed against fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar, calling her a “jihad squad member” during GOP Rep. Paul Gosar’s censure hearing.
In the wake of the Mar-a-Lago search, the Arizona Republican has used the most inflammatory rhetoric of any member of Congress. But he doesn't stand by it.
The extremist Arizona Republican shared misinformation about the gunman that was circulating on right-wing networks.