Deals are Donald Trump's art form, unless it's a bad deal, in which case Paul Ryan is to blame.
Lawmakers are demanding "a serious debate" about Congress' role in allowing Donald Trump to bomb places.
The Arizona congressman will likely bedevil Republican leaders for another term.
There's currently no way to strip someone of the prestigious award.
Gosar defended his outlandish statements by claiming to be a "proud Catholic" who attended a Midwestern Jesuit College. He cites his "excellent education" that provided an opportunity for him to "think critically, to welcome debate and discussion and to be held accountable for [his] actions."
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The funniest line of the last few days came from Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar. Resentful that Pope Francis might blaspheme the sacred chamber of the World's Greatest Deliberative Body with some inconvenient truth about global warming, Gosar announced he would boycott the Holy Father's visit to Capitol Hill. You can argue that a joint session of Congress is an inappropriate speaking venue for a world religious leader, violation of church and state and so forth. And many of us have big, big issues with the Roman Catholic Church. But frankly this is no time for business -- or politics -- as usual.