Paul Kevin Curtis

The guilty plea "has eased our community and eased our victims and the other people he could have come in contact with," said
Ricin, which is made from castor beans, can be deadly to humans and is considered a potential terror weapon, particularly
The man previously accused of sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama and other politicians, Paul Kevin Curtis, dropped
FBI agents were searching the home of another Mississippi man, Everett Dutschke, on Tuesday afternoon. Curtis' lawyer said
Paul Kevin Curtis Charged With Sending Obama, Senator Ricin Laced Letters
"He's an entertainer. He's an Elvis impersonator. He entertained at a party that my wife and I helped give for a young couple
Paul Kevin Curtis Arrested In Ricin Letter Plot
Ricin is a lethal poison found naturally in castor beans, but it takes a deliberate act to convert it into a biological weapon
A number of Senate offices around the country encountered suspicious mail scares on Wednesday, including those of Sens. Carl