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When his term is up in 2018 Maine Governor Paul LePage is moving from the Blaine House mansion in Augusta to a posh neighborhood in Boothbay Harbor, so who's he calling a "southern Maine elitist?"
Democrats controlled the House of Representatives after the 2014 election with a chance to do something about the state's biggest problems. But the economy still lags, wages remain stagnant, heroin is everywhere and we have a serious problem of domestic violence and guns.
Enter your email address: "This is not why I work 80 hours a week on behalf of the Maine people, to have these children come
According to the CDC, seven reported cases of measles have been brought to the U.S. from outside the Americas since January
A freak early-season snowstorm has paralyzed large parts of Maine, leaving thousands without power and putting a damper on
Cutler told reporters Wednesday that his supporters should "vote their conscience" if they don't believe he has a shot at
“None of this stuff ever happened,” LePage told the paper, saying that he talked with the group about the U.S. and Maine
Alexander's Medicaid cuts resulted in 130,000 people, including 89,000 children, losing health care coverage. LePage is up
Most recently (from 2009 to present), subsidized jobs programs have largely been associated with two groups: welfare recipients
The new Maine GOP platform, according to the AP, also urges the repeal of Common Core education standards. But it no longer
The bill was introduced to the state legislature Wednesday, and the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee is expected to to
The Northwest Passage, which consists of a series of channels through the Canadian Arctic, has long been seen as a potential
"The department is planning to continue to review the restrictions on employment to see opportunities where the federal law
In 2011, LePage declined to attend an NAACP event, saying the group could "kiss my butt" if it didn't like his decision. This
He has also had testy relations with the media, telling a group of schoolchildren in February, "My greatest fear in the state
In Maine, the first level of appeal is with the state Department of Labor's Bureau of Unemployment Compensation, filled with