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After one of Nobuyoshi Araki's collaborators came forward with her story of exploitation, we spoke to other women about the realities of being a muse.
As my friend and I were negotiating our press passes we saw a guy come up wearing pleated Dockers and holding his roller blades under his arm. In my head I made up a whole narrative about him.
"Carolee Schneemann: Kinetic Painting" at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg contends with the mythology of Schneemann with
While Bress's work takes advantage of the tools of digital media, it is just as invested in the handmade, physical objects. Bress's work plays with the tension this generates, as many of his video works may appear, at first glance, to be entirely digitally rendered, an illusion that is quickly shattered.
This year's Frieze Talks program exhibits a strong streak of humor and irony, promising to transform the auditorium appendage at the north end of the Frieze tent from a room you might accidentally wander into when you're looking for a bathroom, to the room that you're actually looking for.
Whether it's a catalogue that allows us to enjoy an exhibition long after its doors have closed, or an in-depth investigation into the oeuvre of our favorite artists, these new books will surely be treasured for years to come.
The show takes place at the newly re-opened Monnaie de Paris, the Paris Mint, which, dating back to 864, is Paris' oldest
h/t Hyperallergic "France will always stand beside artists, as I stand beside Paul McCarthy, whose work was marred, regardless
"Anal plug or tree?" Printemps Français pondered on Twitter. "Place Vendôme is disfigured... Paris is humiliated!" On top
It's a large box-type edifice built at a reported cost of more than $75 million into a sandstone cliff on a promontory a 30-minute ferry ride from Hobart, Tasmania's capital, on the north bank of the Derwent River.
"I've done a lot more than I ever thought I could," Leon told NPR. "It's opened up a lot of new doors in my life." The Massachusetts
Just when you thought you'd seen every possible Kate Moss cover, the model goes and surprises you.
Kate's latest cover for Document magazine is a photograph by Mario Testino. Normal enough, right? Except the photo, for Issue
Public art is a democratic entity, open to everyone, not just art seekers going to visit museums and galleries. We've rounded up ten public art projects from around the world that are well worth a visit and accessible to all.
Welcome to the art world. Here's a short explanation: James Franco Instagram mystery solved? If you're still confused, we
But does McCarthy? At least here? Not that it isn't big, not that he doesn't fill the Drill Hall, but so could a high school
"There was a brain flip sort of feeling in seeing myself from behind, the back of my neck, in person. It's a subtle enough detail that my brain recognized it as myself completely but then, wait a second, I am myself standing looking at it from a distance. It was a little out of body experience."
Although her name may not be a familiar one, the young actress Elyse Poppers has become the talk of New York. Paul McCarthy, the provocative, powerful and acclaimed sculptor, filmmaker, and performance and installation artist has discovered and uncovered his "muse."
Paul said they considered casting Lindsay Lohan in the part of Natalie Wood, but then said "fuck it. We want to pull back
Brave souls ready for a sonic assault will enter the 55,000 square-foot space and immediately encounter the four-channel