Paul Nehlen

The Fox News host decried the removal of white nationalist Paul Nehlen from social media platforms. Advertisers are starting to notice.
The host featured white nationalist Paul Nehlen on her show as a sympathetic character Thursday.
The noted white supremacist and anti-Semite's rhetoric has gotten him banned from both Twitter and Gab, a social media platform used primarily by racists and fascists.
For the Arizona GOP Senate candidate, Paul Nehlen and Cernovich are just the beginning.
Until HuffPost confronted Nehlen over his explicitly racist and anti-Semitic views, he was the preferred candidate of Steve Bannon and Breitbart News.
The candidate with the most money in the Wisconsin congressional race is now Democrat Randy Bryce. 👀
On Valentine's Day, he tweeted his support for ethnic cleansing.
Paul Nehlen superimposed a picture of Cheddar Man, an ancient Briton with dark skin, over Markle's face.
Wisconsin Republican Paul Nehlen, who stumped for Roy Moore in Alabama, makes himself at home on a fascist podcast and tosses bigoted bombs on Twitter.