Paul Penzone

Democrat Paul Penzone said the controversial facility wasted taxpayer money.
It's been a bad couple of weeks for the anti-immigration crusader.
Still, it's likely Arpaio won. He led Penzone in the polls, although the sides differed as to how large of a lead it was
In a police report, Penzone declares that it was his former wife who struck him with a hockey stick. The incident occurred
This election year, community activists working to get more Latinos to turn out and vote have enlisted the help of an unwitting
It's hyper-local campaigning, in which people who aren't always engaged in the political process, or who live in neighborhoods
Apraio's campaign manager, Chad Willems, said he and the sheriff are not worried about Gallego's group, noting that several
"Children are our most precious assets," says Penzone, a longtime law enforcement officer. "This will never be tolerated
The self-appointed "toughest sheriff" has become too tough to stomach for more and more residents of Maricopa County, and the frantic desperation seen from Joe Arpaio recently is in response to this mounting pressure and backlash.
Despite being courted by Mitt Romney in 2008, the presidential candidate didn't seem to want the sheriff's endorsement this