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“We must hold each other to account on #ParisAgreement.”
Many readers would be surprised to learn that there is, indeed, a fledgling flying car industry. I visitedTerrafugia, based
Unilever CEO Paul Polman speaks candidly with his son Sebastian about taking risks, leadership, and corporate responsibility.
While there are encouraging signs that momentum is building, there are many things that still need to change if we are to move to a genuinely more inclusive form of capitalism.
"Because we have become global so quickly, politics is changing rapidly in terms of the interdependence between different countries. In the past, you could solve the major issues in the world either within your own country or with a small group of countries."
While most of us do not devote ourselves to causes in the way that Bryan Stevenson does, there is much for us to learn in how we live our lives and through service to our communities as volunteers and nonprofit board members.
I worry less about the global economy; a surprisingly large number of business leaders told me in private that they're upbeat about everybody's economic prospects. Their real unease is based on the realization that a 'Grand Illusion' has come to an end.
DAVOS, SWITZERLAND -- This week, while candidates "squirmished" in advance of Iowa, more than 2,000 global leaders gathered here for the World Economic Forum. The theme was The Fourth Industrial Revolution -- the coming era of automation and smart technology -- and what business can do to help meet the big challenges ahead of us. The dominant refrain was the need for business leaders to put purpose at the center of the definition of business itself. It's a shift, already underway, with the power to not only improve the world but also boost the bottom line. As Unilever CEO Paul Polman put it, "investing in the common good, investing in the long term, is a better investment than just your short-term self-interest." What came through loud and clear this year was a growing realization that companies that chase short-term profits at the expense of social responsibility won't last very long. It's not just a better and more enlightened way forward; it's the only way forward.