Paul Revere

With deaths and destruction still being assessed, the California wildfires are bringing us close to the costliest year on
As we approach our nation's birthday, barbeque, swimming, and fireworks tend to dominate our thoughts. Hopefully we can make time for another thought, even if it's brief and in between hot dogs, about the men and women who helped make our country and how they weren't very different from us.
If someone ever tells you that it's just meta data, remind him or her of how the British could have used meta data to find Paul Revere and show them this network visualization.
"I feel happy and relieved and excited,” Hatchfield told the Associated Press after the time capsule’s successful removal
BOSTON (Reuters) - A centuries-old time capsule buried by Paul Revere, an icon of the American Revolutionary War, was unearthed
Your guide to Boston -- A to Z.
Limbaugh says that his book, titled Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans, will tell "just the truthful history of the Pilgrims" and "the true story of Thanksgiving."
The American public now knows, courtesy of Edward Snowden, the meaning of "consistent with U.S. laws and the protection of privacy and civil liberties," as defined by the NSA and President Barack Obama.
On this Independence Day, it is worth reflecting on the willingness of our founding fathers to sacrifice their own comforts for the future--for many generations to come, including ours.
Once again, the people of Boston demonstrated, individually and collectively, that they are a true beacon of hope and inspiration for the nation and the world.
Overnight, Paul Revere became one of America's greatest heroes. Today, he is practically an industry in Boston. You can tour his house, see his portrait, buy reproductions of his silver work, have a drink in his favorite tavern and even leave pennies on his grave.
"We the People" create the institutions that serve us. It's easy to forget that we -- individual citizens -- are the ones responsible for our children's education.
Visitors here learn about the events that led to Dec. 16, 1773, and they go onto the decks of the ship for a re-enactment of the dumping of tea into Boston Harbor.
The physics book in which the print was uncovered belonged to Solomon Drowne, a member of the Brown class of 1773, according
If you're shopping for New Year's baby names, there are several possible ways to go... But you could also go down the namesake path, paying tribute to a notable bearer of a name you happen to like, one who entered the world on New Year's Eve or Day.
2011-08-24-Screenshot20110824at12.10.00PM.jpgTo help clarify any lingering confusion and to help define these passionate Americans, I offer the following Litmus Test.
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