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Last Thursday morning, a huge crowd of reporters breathlessly covered presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump's meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan. But the real action took place the day before the meeting -- and the person who "caved" wasn't Ryan, but Trump.
Asked whether he would consider another bid if the GOP presidential nominee courted him for the role, Ryan answered, "That
Romney shared his thoughts on Ryan in a Tuesday Facebook post: Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential candidate
This post has been updated with Ryan's statement. In September, Ryan said he would not attempt a presidential run if Romney
"He thinks his time has come and gone. He wants other people to get into the race," Ryan said. "I think a lot of people, especially
WASHINGTON -- Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Thursday unveiled a new, highly anticipated proposal to fight poverty.
As chairman of the House Budget Committee, Ryan authored several budget documents over the years that would have drastically
Weiner responded to Ryan's comments on Thursday, telling Business Insider that the confusion is "the final insult." "I've
The Ryan plan is not a conservative budget in the true sense of the term. If it were it would cut government spending across the board, not give a free ride to wasteful Pentagon spending while letting other programs bear the full burden of spending reductions.
It's easy to attack and demagogue those who don't have a voice. It's easy to blame others when you fail to provide true leadership. And it's easy to reinforce stereotypes and misconceptions to win elections, or to win over your party's base. That is precisely what Paul Ryan did last week.