paul ryan budget plan

Ryan has used this line of reasoning before, as have other Republicans who voted for Medicare cuts in previous budgets. But
A spokesman for Ryan had nothing to add on timing, but in previous years Ryan has put forward his budget in March or April
The Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist wrote in a blog post Wednesday that Ryan's latest budget proposal would hurt the economy by slashing government spending, including repealing Obamacare's health insurance expansion.
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Paul Ryan’s budget will show how Republicans can balance a budget that’s trillions of dollars out of whack. But the most
************************* UPDATE: 9:30 a.m. -- Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg issued the following response
And so what we have coming now at the beginning of this century is a fight. If we ran government on autopilot -- CBO just
The new commercial cites Ryan's controversial 2011 budget plan, which proposed turning Medicare into a voucher-like program
Since Romney appointed Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to the ticket, Medicare has taken center stage, largely due to Ryan's controversial
Both men on the Republican presidential ticket were questioned on the issue of tax loopholes in interviews on Sunday, and
At the RNC this week, Republicans are introducing their new and improved Paul Ryan model, the perfect addition to their presidential
Ron Paul gave what was labeled as "a swan song" speech to supporters here in Tampa on Sunday evening. But Rand said he was
If the budget Rep. Paul Ryan put forward as the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee had been enacted last year
“Mitt Romney already pays a lower tax rate than many middle class families, but with Romney-Ryan economics he would pay even
Requests for comment from WMTV-Madison and the Romney campaign and were not immediately returned. Since Ryan was announced
It is easy to understand why Ryan abused the CBO process to create faux legitimacy for his faux budget. It is difficult to see why even the most credulous journalist would be taken in by such a transparent abuse.
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is making it clear that it will not let Republicans walk away from once backing
To put it kindly, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) wants you to believe some questionable things. Ryan, whom Republican presidential