paul ryan budget plan

The GOP for the third straight election cycle is assailing Democrats in TV ads for cutting Medicare by roughly $700 billion
WASHINGTON -- House Republicans will consider a revised budget resolution this year by Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R
The Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist wrote in a blog post Wednesday that Ryan's latest budget proposal would hurt the economy by slashing government spending, including repealing Obamacare's health insurance expansion.
Yesterday Ryan's Comet made its latest pass over Washington, generating lots of front-page headlines, despite almost certainly
Paul Ryan’s budget will show how Republicans can balance a budget that’s trillions of dollars out of whack. But the most
Romney has sought to distance himself from Ryan's plan, stating during the debate in Denver that he had no plans to slash
“What we're doing is we're moving Medicare from a govern[ment]-run system to our market-based system,” Ryan says. “What Obamacare
On Thursday, President Barack Obama's reelection campaign released a new TV ad called "Preserving," which contrasts the president's
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) appears in an ad for the Mitt Romney campaign released Thursday, making the case that changes to
President Barack Obama's reelection campaign is going after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running