paul ryan budget proposal

Hypothetically, if you wanted to distill every form of right-wing economic lunacy into a 100-page document, then hypothetically, it would be the Ryan Budget.
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released his fiscal year 2015 budget proposal last week, but the rhetoric in the document and out of the Committee often seem at odds with the budget choices that are being made.
The GOP for the third straight election cycle is assailing Democrats in TV ads for cutting Medicare by roughly $700 billion
WASHINGTON -- House Republicans will consider a revised budget resolution this year by Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R
Most poor and working class families, whether black, white, tan or brown, would much rather be working and earning a livable wage than being excluded from the workforce by institutional situations whether policy driven or profit driven.
Inarticulate, inelegant, inner-city, it's not the "in's that are the problem. It's what comes "out" of their mouths that keeps hurting Republicans.
The Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist wrote in a blog post Wednesday that Ryan's latest budget proposal would hurt the economy by slashing government spending, including repealing Obamacare's health insurance expansion.
Wisconsin representative and former GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan put new gloss on his old budget and has been
Krugman, who called Ryan's plan cruel yesterday, has been criticizing Ryan for years. But Ryan is fighting back. He called
Republican House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan is back with a new budget plan, which he claims would help America's
Is it courageous to camouflage hundreds of billions in cuts for the poor and disadvantaged in broad budget categories without identifying the programmatic cuts, so that analysts, journalists, and other policymakers can't identify the specific cuts and assess their impacts?
"In short, the Ryan budget would reduce middle class living standards, both present and future," Andrew Fieldhouse, a federal
Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist wrote in a Tuesday blog post that the congressman’s
"When you do the math it becomes clear that the best way to generate revenue and new job growth would be to enact a strong
During an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," Ryan said he has appreciated Obama's recent charm offensive toward Republicans
Both Ryan and his committee aides declined to discuss specific budget policy items in the forthcoming budget plan, but it
Sometimes I think the Republicans in Congress can't shock me by their utterly laughable, teeth-gnashing, shameless hypocrisy. But then they outdo themselves.
The ounce of doubt remains because Ryan's budget proposal doesn't include any specifics on FEMA itself. But it also doesn't
Romney has sought to distance himself from Ryan's plan, stating during the debate in Denver that he had no plans to slash