Paul Thomas Anderson

One of the best Netflix Originals of the year just debuted and it's only 15 minutes long.
Costume designer Mark Bridges walks us through key dresses from Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie.
As a mom of four, the comedian has a lot to say about motherhood.
Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights dealt with the porn industry in the l970's. It's an example of one of a number of films
There is one area though that most film schools have seemed to overlook, and that is beyond the mechanics, beyond the completion of the movie. What is the effect of cinema on its audience?
John Baldessari. Photo by EMS. This article is part of an ongoing photojournalism survey of art exhibition openings titled
Years from now, are you going to think about that internet video that got a million views your friend sent you, or that film that changed your life?
You almost wish this movie version of the Pynchon novel were a book whose pages you could flip back and forth in at will.
Inherent Vice squanders a strong start in an orgy of wheel-spinning. Perhaps Anderson is indulging himself with one of those lengthy jokes in which the punchline is that there's no punchline.
Sam Cooke's "(What A) Wonderful World" plays during a key part of the film, but it almost feels anachronistic based on the
The desire to make another film with Anderson was not the only reason Phoenix jumped into “Inherent Vice,” he said. After
Making a film is the art of retroactive hypnotism. And there is no greater cinema hypnotist than Paul Thomas Anderson. It's rare to see a movie simultaneously this interesting and this good; this incoherent and this profound; this frustrating and this enjoyable.
I haven't seen a Joaquin Phoenix film since I'm Still Here back in 2010. I was reminded of what a brilliant actor he is. Not only did he bring an innocence to a role that could have been played much darker, but he brought a physical humor to it.
There are films that make you want to run to the bookstore or, in reality, Any Jane Austen or Dickens adaptation. Atonement. Requiem for a Dream perhaps. Then there is Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice.
3. "Repo Man," directed by Alex Cox (1984) "Manson just fucked everything up for all these folks," Anderson said. "Used to
Jacobs: "Inherent Vice" was without a doubt the most enigmatic movie of the New York Film Festival lineup. We'd seen the