Paul Thomas Anderson

The 17-year-old is making his acting debut with one of his late father's favorite directors.
One of the best Netflix Originals of the year just debuted and it's only 15 minutes long.
Costume designer Mark Bridges walks us through key dresses from Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie.
As a mom of four, the comedian has a lot to say about motherhood.
Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights dealt with the porn industry in the l970's. It's an example of one of a number of films
There is one area though that most film schools have seemed to overlook, and that is beyond the mechanics, beyond the completion of the movie. What is the effect of cinema on its audience?
Paul Schimmel. Photo by EMS.   I don't need to list all the international galleries entrenching themselves in Los Angeles
Years from now, are you going to think about that internet video that got a million views your friend sent you, or that film that changed your life?