Paul Verhoeven

This is a sign of things to come in the next four years: Meryl Streep outspoken about the performance of the year, the one
But this smart, funny, thriller really belongs to Isabelle Huppert . . . clearly a woman to be reckoned with. Can there be
Some directors are pushing against rape as a plot device. But movies like “Elle” handle the sensitive topic with care.
What's so damn refreshing is a portrait of a woman who flat-out refuses the role of victim. Even though, by every recognizable
By the New York Film Festival's final weekend, it felt like a French takeover: Isabelle Huppert was everywhere. Starring
Paul Verhoeven's film Elle features a video game executive who is menaced by her erstwhile rapist and yet not only refuses to tell the police, but returns nightly to her empty, scary huge apartment, stoically undaunted by the likelihood of a masked intruder crashing through the windows once more.
The manic energy that Verhoeven is renowned for was evident throughout our chat, and was infectious. By the time our all-too-brief lunch was over, I found myself waving my hands while I spoke in rapid clips, and using more bounce than usual in my stride.
Paul Verhoeven, 73, who shares the same name as the famous Dutch director behind "Total Recall" and "Robocop," claims that
See, this isn’t to say that the new “RoboCop” is a bad movie. It’s a fine movie and actually does have some interesting statements