Paul Verhoeven

This is a sign of things to come in the next four years: Meryl Streep outspoken about the performance of the year, the one
Huppert ("Amour", "The Piano Teacher", "I Heart the Huckabees") seems one of the few actresses who could carry off such a
Some directors are pushing against rape as a plot device. But movies like “Elle” handle the sensitive topic with care.
If you crave a respite from post-election angst, you'd do well to escape into Otto Bell's stunning documentary "The Eagle
By the New York Film Festival's final weekend, it felt like a French takeover: Isabelle Huppert was everywhere. Starring
Paul Verhoeven's film Elle features a video game executive who is menaced by her erstwhile rapist and yet not only refuses to tell the police, but returns nightly to her empty, scary huge apartment, stoically undaunted by the likelihood of a masked intruder crashing through the windows once more.
The manic energy that Verhoeven is renowned for was evident throughout our chat, and was infectious. By the time our all-too-brief lunch was over, I found myself waving my hands while I spoke in rapid clips, and using more bounce than usual in my stride.
Verhoeven reportedly wants the festival to be forced to show his flick or pay for it to be screened in theaters. A ruling
To be fair to the new "RoboCop," it's different enough where I wouldn't say it's the same thing only with a new color. But
Why do your movies keep being remade? I feel the "Total Recall" remake only really succeeded in making people re-watch your
CANNES - The "Entertainment Experience," a film project lead by Dutch-born Hollywood actor Paul Verhoeven, consisting of
Check his IMDB listing, you'll discover Casper Van Dien has a full, rich career, including key roles in SLEEPY HOLLOW and
For his part, director Paul Verhoeven joyously showcases ultra-violence in Total Recall, sticking it in the audience's face. Indeed, the entire milieu of the film is as downbeat as it is shot through with glee.
What is reality? What is identity? How long can a soul survive when one's perceptions and one's self are subject to electronic editing at a moment's whim? These and many other fascinating questions are raised and almost immediately dropped in Total Recall.
Right now, as this is typed, a remake of Paul Verhoeven's 1990 quasi-classic Total Recall is playing in theaters. This remake
As William Doehring explains in the Examiner, the film is based on the work of prominent Biblical theologians such as Rudolf