Paul Williams

The TV presentation and DVD Close To You: Remembering the Carpenters is a poignant musical portrait of Richard Carpenter and his late sister, Karen that airs on Public Television stations nationwide this Saturday, December 5th, with encore telecasts throughout the month.
When Jackson approached Williams with the idea, he was equally excited by the chance to provide this information to a broader
The same sentiment could be said for Barbra Streisand, who sang Williams' "Evergreen." The hit from "A Star Is Born" won
"I wrote it with Kenny Ascher. You know your life is on track when... you realize you're going to go to work with Kermit
Assuming responsibility for our mistakes is an essential part of achieving personal freedom, they say. Without it, our emotional
Wood is held without bond in the Greene County Jail. It is not immediately clear when he will make his first court appearance
Remember when you first heard "Roxanne"? I do. I was a child in a record store without a clue about the song's theme. Not sure I could've identified reggae, let alone purloined reggae. But I well recall my impression.
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Eli Mardock is premiering a new song with us today called "If You're With Me, Then You're Against Me." The haunting and dream-like tune appears on the Nebraskan singer/songwriter's debut full length, Everything Happens For The First Time.
Ironically, it took a couple of androids to create something organic and bring some soul back to music... and people are feeling it. So, even if you're like Daft who? Punk what?, this is as good a time as any to get on board and into the groove.
Last night, as expected, Adele won the Oscar for Best Original Song. My thoughts immediately went to Williams. I know in
A lot of people think that "Still Alive" might be a contender for an Oscar nomination. And I think they're right. The question is, can a song really have a chance to win Best Song if it's in a film whose total budget was slightly less than what it cost to replace broken windows in Skyfall?
Paul Williams is the short, blond, bespectacled songwriter and actor who wrote "Rainbow Connection." The documentary "Still Alive" is a '70s pop culture fest and a funny, heartwarming film that explores fame, addiction, recovery and friendship.
Still alive? Paul Williams seems to be defying time, as it were. He's still a practicing songwriter, and he's out on the hustings doing retail film promotion for a documentary, Paul Williams Still Alive, that he initially regretted saying "yes" to.
Even those of us who loved the Paul Williams songs of the 1970s--like "Rainy Days and Mondays" (made famous by the Carpenters) or "Evergreen" (for which he won the Oscar with Barbra Streisand) -- didn't know that the popular artist was still alive.
The film follows director Stephen Kessler as he forges an unlikely friendship with iconic 70s singer/actor/songwriter Paul Williams whom he idolized as a youth
If you were raised on a diet of 70s pop, then you know Paul Williams. Between the hit songs, the awards and all that bouncing from one talk show couch to the next, you couldn't miss him.