If there's anyone who can work on Trump's hair, it's this guy.
Well I've been thinking 'bout all the people we've shot and bombed, and all the dummies we tricked and conned. With a dictator we made so scary, armed with weapons imaginary.
Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has confessed, given what we know now, he would not have authorized the invasion of Iraq, as his brother did. A politician with integrity should have followed that comment with an apology to the Iraqi people.
The war in Afghanistan is now in its fifteenth year, making it the longest war in our history. By turning from fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan who attacked us, to Iraq, which had not, President George W. Bush did not "keep us safe.
Could it possibly be that a Bush III administration will revive the use of torture against the Islamic state, an organization that owes its existence to the U.S.'s disastrous occupation of Iraq? And so our country prepares to wrong the wrongs of the past.
If anything, Trump is possibly the most liberal conservative the GOP has seen in decades.