Paula Broadwell

"It’s reducing my entire professional career and background to this one word," she said.
While the former CIA director is making a political comeback, her life remains in limbo.
While Petraeus could represent the U.S. around the world, Paula Broadwell hangs in limbo.
By Paula Broadwell and Erika Cashin. Erika Cashin is the Founder of the Lean In Military and Lean In Women Veterans Chapters
Even in the era of widening partisan gaps, it would be ill-advised to throw around indictments willy-nilly. Voters use James Comey's statements for the insights on Clinton's fitness for the presidency, not prison.
WASHINGTON -- Former military commander and CIA Director David Petraeus agreed Tuesday to plead guilty to one misdemeanor
Another problem: DeSmogBlog never claimed Petraeus was kept from the media. Rather, the article demonstrated that the North
Paula Broadwell: 'I Have Remorse For The Harm That This Has Caused'
"I'm not focused on the past," Broadwell said. "It was a devastating period for our family. We still have some healing to
The sex scandal involving the married four-star general and his biographer, an U.S. Army Reserve intelligence officer who
WASHINGTON — FBI agents interviewed David Petraeus, the former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, at his home in Arlington
In Tampa, Jill Kelley was certainly not known to shy away from the press or the famous. David Petraeus was Tampa's George Clooney -- and she and her sister were blatant wannabe Stacey Keiblers.
But it was happening! The yard was soaking wet! She could see a few of the mini-treasure chests that she had had the servants
Last Sunday I got an email: "I think I have convinced Jill Kelly to speak with you if you are still interested?... She wants the promise of a cover and an assurance that the interview will be favorable." I laughed. Today I saw, to my astonishment, that Kelley appeared to have got her conditions -- in The Daily Beast.
Jill Kelley was not the first to see the anonymous email that would rupture her comfortable life as a wealthy Tampa socialite
Build a roaring, crackling fire To warm a climate-change denier Some guy, maybe, like George Will Raise a glass to him, refill