More on this story as it develops. Despite the announcement, Novo Nordisk's web sites are still all decked out in Deen: Eater
Deen's been preaching moderation for many months now. She's not eliminating many foods, just eating less of them, the star
But it wasn't all smooth sailing for Deen and company, to judge by a series of jokingly angry Tweets from Deen's assistant
Her diagnosis came with a hefty dose of controversy, as she revealed she had diabetes at the same time as announcing a new
In the picture below, Deen is pictured at Albany High School's prom in 1965 in Albany, Ga. Sporting dark locks, the gray
Until now, she's mostly attributed her weight loss to her decision to stop drinking sweet tea. She reveals more details about
Sometimes the red-carpet life isn't all glitz and glam. A number of celebrities came forward this year with real-life tales
She first pleaded ignorance as a defense against charges of animal cruelty leveled against her after she signed on as a spokesperson
Everyone has to make a living, even celebrity chefs. That disclaimer aside, the last few years have seen more than a few
Watch the video above for some dramatic before and after shots of Deen and to hear what she has to say about the reaction
Deen is more upbeat, though, when it comes to Kristen Wiig's hilarious depiction of her on "Saturday Night Live." She says
And last week, her attorneys made a legal argument to the same effect. On March 21, they filed a motion in the Chatham County
Intrigued by the clips above? Don't fret: the Paula Deen episode of Oprah's Last Chapter airs again tonight, March 5, 2012
Feuding celebrity chefs Anthony Bourdain and Paula Deen went another round Sunday at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival
Someone's turning over a new leaf: Notorious Crisco-lover and Food Network star Paula Deen first announced that she had Type
While the two mentioned that they are developing diabetes-friendly recipes (with the help of Novo Nordisk) to assist a lot
"Before Paula's announcement the producers of her show, Gordon Elliott's Follow That Productions, had delivered enough shows
Paula Deen's problem -- hers and America's -- won't be solved with a prescription from the pharmacy. But it can be solved with changes in the way we all cook, and eat.
Paula Deen has built her empire on deep-fried, buttery, sugar-laden foods that look like fun, but rob us of health. But who is really to blame for her penchant for deep-fat fried... anything? Is Paula a victim just like the rest of America... or an accomplice in a crime against humanity?
But even if the Victoza deal did set off a Deen family feud, the trio seems to have patched things up. Bobby and Jamie had