paula deen n word

"You cannot be my friend and use that word around me," she said. "It shows my age, but I feel strongly about it. … I always
If we really want to turn this public scandal into an opportunity for growth, we should take the spotlight off Ms. Deen. Turn away from the tearful confessionals and interviews. There are better southern cooks, like Edna Lewis, more deserving of our attention. Look toward them.
The bigger question this Independence Day is how can we all grow from this? Can we declare our independence from racism? And in the process, could we -- should we -- forgive Paula Deen?
A whole lot of people are making a big deal over the fact that Paula Deen may have uttered it within the past 30 years. As if she is the only 66-year-old Southern white woman who has done so. As if she is the only public figure who has done so.
We allow public figures to get away with crimes and misdemeanors all the time. But every so often someone has to go down, so for now let's throw the sacrificial lamb of Paula Deen on the barbie.
As the Paula Deen saga continues to unfold, many notable figures are sharing their thoughts on the controversy surrounding
So, now, her reputation is shattered and her business is in tatters. And she deserves it. Every action has a reaction, and
As black people, we've come to not expect too much from white America. Paula Deen's use of the N word and her plans for a plantation wedding fit right in.
Watch the video above or check out CBS2 to see Cutchlow's description of Deen's ability to work with diverse groups of people
You are suffering because you refuse to understand that lives have been lost to the "I is what I is" mentality in which you take such pride.