Paula Vogel

The Tony-winning drama examines an early-20th century scandal in New York.
Any progress we make, to me, is fleeting because underneath it there’s the smoldering coal about to break out in conflagration of a hatred of women.
In the next Thanksgiving Dinner, a daughter shows up at the table with a Muslim boyfriend... This year like every year I
It's a play about the unfortunate history of another play, God of Vengeance, a first play, written in in Yiddish in Warsaw
Paula Vogel's Don Juan Comes Home From Iraq continues its month long premiere run at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia through
A director's work is often tricky to review on the basis of one production -- in the case of a first work, it is often unclear what is a director's idea versus what is a stage direction in the script itself. It is also hard for people to separate actors' choices from a director's touch. But after a period of watching a director's work, you get it.
The first I heard of the Lilly Awards was when I was lucky enough to be invited to the fourth annual ceremony on June 3rd, 2013, at Playwrights Horizons presented by The Committee for Recognizing Women in Theater.
Will Bellini explaining he no longer writes because "I ran out of things to say" sate the on-lookers? How about the will-he-or-won't-he-do-it suspense of tenor Rubini's hitting that ground-breaking "Credeasi misera" high F?
Therapeutically entertaining, How I Learned to Drive brings ubiquitous, taboo issues out into the open. Though the story's tinged with humor, it's still a tough one to embrace. As horrible as it begins, though, it shows that you can come out on the other side.