Paula White

The campaign event headlined by White House spiritual adviser Paula White led to a $250 fine against the Ahern Hotel for violating coronavirus prevention rules.
Paula White, President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, urged followers to donate money for her church amid the coronavirus outbreak.
She's asking followers to send "seed" money in honor of a Bible passage that promises protection against pestilence and plague.
Paula White is facing criticism after she prayed for evil women to have miscarriages.
Twitter critics furiously answer televangelist Paula White's sermon.
Televangelist Paula White said that in 2006, Trump dreamed of building a glass megachurch and having her lead it.
Paula White-Cain's friendship with Trump began when he called her “out of the blue” after watching her televised sermons and told her she had the “it factor.”
Paula White suggested the president was "anointed" by God as America's defender when she delivered an opening prayer at Trump's reelection rally.
The televangelist, who has defended the White House, is stepping down as head of New Destiny Christian Center to start 3,000 churches and open a university.
Christian advocates are debunking Paula White's claim that Jesus was different because he never broke the law.