Pauli Murray

Lessons learned from one of Yale Law's brightest.
I propose a celebration of a true Tar Heel who transformed America for good
The partnership includes a generous contribution from Iron Mountain that will help preserve the house's foundation and fund brick-and-mortar restoration work. Once work is completed, the Pauli Murray Center will use the space to honor Pauli Murray's legacy and create social justice programming for students and the community.
At the Third National Conference of Commissions on the Status of Women on June 30, 1966, 28 women banded together with a
"[When she was arrested] her performance was male, and she gave her name to the officers as Oliver," Cooper added. "She, at
History is as much about the present as it is about the past, and it now presents us with an opportunity to make the civil rights movement speak to our own present struggles rather than freezing its legacy like a black-and-white snapshot of the world of 1963.
Saints are supposed to have names like Aloysius, Xavier and Francis. They're supposed to be engraved in stone, depicted in colorful stained-glass. But during her lifetime, Pauli Murray never really cared about the way things were "supposed" to be.
The Rev. Dr. Anna Pauline "Pauli" Murray spent a lifetime challenging not only racial segregation, but systems of discrimination in all of their forms.