Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova said the singer had been recovering from surgery when he died Sunday.
The Cars' rocker and supermodel have been married for nearly 29 years.
The thin child with big sad eyes and a braid hanging down her back, the one holding a bag containing all her worldly possessions with one hand, and with the other she clutches her baby brother: that refugee girl was once me.
I had been to Crete as a hormonal 14-year-old with my family, and this year I decided to revisit, my own hormonal teenagers in tow.
I have read the stunning Susan Fales Hill's memoir of her mother and Broadway star Josephine Premice so I am looking forward
As a teenage girl, I used to study the photos of those otherworldly creatures and marvel at their sheer perfection -- Kathy Ireland, Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs and Paulina Porizkova, the Czech beauty who was rumored to speak five languages. Did these astonishing creatures actually exist?
Shenanigans include a big feud between CoCo Montrese and Alyssa Edwards about their Miss Gay America pageant past, dirty talk from Alaska and Jinkx Monsoon, hooker glamor from Detox, and hot pink runway looks from Ivy Winters, Honey Mahogany, Monica Beverly Hillz and more!
Was the rise of the supermodel a sign of female empowerment or female objectification?
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"What people called sexual harassment, we called compliments. When a 16-year-old girl is flattered by a man pulling out his
"I am married to the dude from The Cars. Or that's what they always say," Paulina tells me. She agrees that, although Ric
Rumored to be returning to reality TV in Donald Trump’s "Celebrity Apprentice," Paulina Porizkova remembers how painful it
For whatever reason, there seems to be a certain amorous magnetic field between models and musicians. We can't seem to offer
Is there no such thing as a great model? Of course there is. But, the paradox of a great model is that by the virtue of her greatness she disappears.
Oh, to be Paulina Porizkova! The outspoken model can't score tickets to Fashion Week, according to Page Six. She told the
One of our favorite ladies Paulina Porizkova took the red carpet on Monday night for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of
We can call injections of foreign stuff under our skin "having nothing done". So what if Botox makes you look like a poorly dubbed movie?
Supermodel and HuffPost Game Changer Paulina Porizkova had recently lunch with the New York Post and she commented on the
Unlike Sandra Bullock's's divorce drama -- which shook me up and had me wanting some very, very bad things to happen to Jesse James -- Kate Hudson's alleged boob job feels personal.