A new study found that Paxlovid may reduce the risk of long COVID.
The research found people who took the treatment experienced fewer long-term symptoms like fatigue or brain fog.
She's returning to Washington nearly a week after she came down with a rebound case of the coronavirus following treatment with Paxlovid.
The president is still isolating, but is feeling "well," his physician said.
The nation’s first mobile “Test to Treat” program, launched Thursday, will expand to 30 locations by the end of July.
Many people who have taken Paxlovid are reporting a return of symptoms. Here's why it may be happening, and why doctors still recommend using the medication.
The U.S. projects COVID-19 infections will continue to spread over the summer travel season.
Here's what experts know about how well the antiviral works if you have little to no COVID symptoms.
Supply of the regimen was initially very limited, but COVID-19 cases across the country have fallen and manufacturing has increased.
Patients will need a positive COVID-19 test to get a prescription.