pay discrimination

The average woman made 80 cents for every dollar earned by a white man -- and the gap isn't shrinking.
The plaintiff says she was paid $25,000 less than a male subordinate she hired.
If Republicans really cared about the EEOC's "mission not accomplished" record due to budget starvation, it would increase funding for investigation and prosecution of giant corporations getting fat off our tax dollars -- while women working for them still slave away for 79 cents on the dollar.
Guess which party says equal pay laws will encourage frivolous lawsuits?
Officials say it could help end pay discrimination and close the gender wage gap.
Librarians. Clerical Workers. Janitors. More than 1,500 municipal workers decided that enough was enough, and dared to demand respect and justice. They decided they would strike.
Big companies have been doing this for years, and now startups are too.
All of this recent activity is worthy of celebration. At the same time, it is deeply frustrating to be reminded that women and their families are still fighting unfair workplace practices that were outlawed decades ago.
Members of Congress will spend the next several weeks at home. Every one of them should take a hard look at the impact the gender-based wage gap is having in their states and districts.
Women's equality matters because every American deserves quality, affordable, patient-centered health care and efforts to provide that remain under attack, as does the birth control coverage and access to reproductive health services that women need.
Though men can also be seen as unlikeable when they make aggressive demands, it's only women who suffer for it: people are less inclined to want to work with them -- either as coworkers, bosses or subordinates.
Pelosi said she hopes the bus tour will motivate women to turn out this year -- not only to elect more Democrats, but to
Theory 2: Jill Abramson was fired because her replacement, Dean Baquet, was mad that Jill Abramson was going to hire another
Abramson is not the first woman to be faced with this situation, nor will she be the last. In all of this media chaos surrounding this issue, it's essential to remember that being paid fairly is not the necessarily being paid equally.
Why don't we make this easy and agree that equal rights belong to all Americans, and then legislate and litigate accordingly? Fair enough?
Information about their colleagues' salaries could be crucial to women workers fighting for equal compensation. Women make
"I certainly think women should be paid the same as men," Lamontagne said in a Friday interview. "Young workers should be