pay equity

March 1 marks the start of Women's History Month. Most companies typically bring in a speaker and "celebrate the accomplishments
There’s a massive elephant in the room that we continue to ignore.
The gender pay gap has been stalled at approximately 20 percent for more than a decade. Based on the progress we have made to-date, it is projected that it would take until the year 2058 to achieve pay equity.
Men need to stand-up regarding pay equity and advancing women--they owe it to their working spouses and their daughters to
"Simply put, we're sick of being treated like second-class citizens. It wears on you after a while. And we are done with it." That's what co-captain of the U.S. women's national soccer team Carli Lloyd wrote about the wage discrimination suit she and four teammates filed against U.S. Soccer.
As a father of three daughters, that's an upsetting realization. We decided our next step was to take a look at our gender
When I heard about the U.S. Women's soccer team's five major stars filing a federal discrimination complaint against US Soccer seeking equal pay, I was struck by the moment. The potential of it, that is.
Not much less, Amazon claims.
It was entirely appropriate that the Treasury Department held its 6th annual Women in Finance & Technology Symposium on St. Patrick's Day, a day symbolized by green. Because green -- as in money -- is what this gathering was all about.
Guess which party says equal pay laws will encourage frivolous lawsuits?