pay gap

The company that made Michael Bloomberg his billions has told government watchdogs it hires fewer women and pays them less than men.
Black Women's Equal Pay Day is a reminder of the impact of race and gender on income inequality.
Figuring out how to close the pay gap would require massive shifts in public policy, business and — crucially — culture.
The extreme abortion bill that was signed into law Wednesday is just the latest troubling development.
The media mogul said she'd once been told she "was not entitled to earn the same kind of money" as her male counterpart.
“I think we should pay attention to that, because I think that has very negative consequences for the economy and for society,” he said.
The "Game of Thrones" actress explained to Harper's Bazaar UK why she's fine with her male co-star getting a bigger salary.
A congressman tried to mansplain equal pay to a woman while defending an amendment to change equal pay legislation.
The Vermont senator told CNN that he wasn't aware of sexism and discrimination complaints during his 2016 presidential bid, but would take steps to address them.
They deserve to be able to play the game they love without needing to get a second job to pay the bills.