Pay It Forward

Australian barbers Teresa Reed and Danielle Hannah hope to give at least 1,000 haircuts by the end of the year.
Our partner AfricAid is helping shape girls into empowered young leaders in Tanzania. Empowered enough to plan their families
Every act of kindness creates a ripple effect that spreads with no end in sight. Let's run with it! To start a movement of
The last Thursday in April marks International Pay It Forward Day, a celebration of altruism and the good of humanity.
For women it's the Holy Grail. Finding clothes that flatter your body is a quest that never ends. Short-waisted, long-waisted, big bust, small bust. We've all got issues. We get older and the issues just evolve. More accurately, expand.
I'm not a spiritual leader, nor a millionaire, nor a person with several fancy degrees from world-renowned schools. I run a small nonprofit and I'm a local politician focused on education issues. And despite my failures and my station in life, I love the man I've become.