pay raise

Inflation rates are setting records, but mentioning it to your boss in a negotiation is tricky.
The New York Democrat admitted "it’s not a fun or politically popular position to take."
Raises are slated for October, but the usual January raises are not happening.
Employees have been concerned about losing work hours since the company introduced new software.
"Companies are gonna try to pay you the least amount for as long as they can."
Pay increases hit a new record, but there's a huge catch, a new study shows.
Many employees, regardless if they hold an executive, middle management or assistant job assume that all they have to do to get promoted is work hard, be loyal and have the appropriate qualifications; in short, they behave as if promotions were automatic.
What if having more money could actually be a hindrance for people? Is it possible that making enough money could be a hurdle that keeps people from exploring what would really make them happy and successful in this life?
Many people want to be more assertive in the workplace. Being assertive can help you voice your opinions to your coworkers, help you negotiate that promotion and pay raise, and also has a number of health benefits. Many people want to be more assertive but suffer from being too passive, abandoning their good ideas or not voicing their opinions to avoid conflict with others.
Stock options are used to reward longevity and loyalty, while salary is the benefit you get for doing your day-to-day job. Don't forego a salary negotiation because your employer offers a stock benefit.
Other researchers have found that American workers are not happy. Three in four say that their immediate boss is the worst
Gen Y catches a lot of flack for being the "entitlement generation," but new research reveals that they're not the most demanding
Those who get tips as a normal part of their jobs often have the ability to write their own raise. It is one of the advantages to what are often seen as low-paid service jobs. Here are some of the ways that tipped employees boost their income.
At least that's true in the corporate world, where serious advantages exist if you happen to be a the right gender or have
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Think you deserve a higher salary? You're not alone. Salaried workers (those not eligible for overtime pay) received an average