paycheck protection program

The Trump administration has issued more than 5 million loans as part of federal economic relief for small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The government awarded rescue funds from the Paycheck Protection Program to tenants at a Trump office building.
The 15 donors gave Trump and the GOP $1.4 million this spring, in a process that critics say lacked basic transparency.
The Treasury secretary would like to skip compliance checks and automatically turn the loans into grants.
Millions of ordinary small business owners initially struggled to access emergency relief, raising questions about who got priority.
After lobbying for an exemption to what counts as a "small" business, Catholic dioceses and ministries were approved for at least 3,500 forgivable loans.
A group linked to well-known "big government" foe Grover Norquist got cash from the Paycheck Protection Program -- as did an Ayn Rand advocacy organization.
Larry Kudlow contradicted a promise made by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to disclose the companies that received billions in coronavirus relief loans.
The move will prevent oversight of 4.5 million businesses that took a government Paycheck Protection Program loan. One critic called it "unconscionable, jaw-dropping corruption."