payday lending

Many of the fraudulent comments expressed support for repealing net neutrality.
If the product was working correctly, people would take out a loan and pay it back within the loan timeframe, which is typically
There's a big banking fight in front of us right now. It's a fight that could result in a huge win for families and a death knell for the predatory practices of an entire industry -- payday lending.
So what does that look like? Traditional foundations and philanthropists preserve and grow the funds intended for grant dollars
Yes, we charge high interest rates for first-time customers So why don't the banks step up and offer services to this majority
The internet is a cost-effective way of identifying and soliciting potential clients for payday loans. Potentially, it could also be a way to regulate the worst abuse of payday lending.
Wasserman Schultz is facing a primary challenge from a progressive law professor.
These businesses target families with incomes below $35,000, and people of color are three times more likely to receive abusive loans than whites. People with blemished credit are often passed over when seeking jobs.
A nationally-televised presidential debate stage is, indeed, neither the time nor the place, one would think. This year, however, all the rules have been thrown out and we've got Donald Trump and Marco Rubio comparing relative penis sizes in their effort to become the so-called leader of the free world.
"Nice country you got here, be a real shame if something happened to it."
Payday lenders spent more than $15 million during the last election to lobby and elect Members of Congress. If the CFPB comes down hard on the industry with tough new rules as is expected, you can bet they will spend even more during this election.