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Let's stop overselling the benefits of a traditional college education to a generation that can't afford it.
College Isn't Just Four Years The Great Recession somehow hoodwinked most people into believing four years of college was
If you're looking for a way to pay for school that doesn't involve schlepping diet coke's or fighting with a fax machine, give one of these 3 flexible jobs a try.
May 1st is the date many colleges ask students to submit an enrollment deposit, so it's largely seen as the end of the college application season. Since May 1st is a Sunday, it's being extended by one day, in a year where, in many respects, the end really needed to come sooner, not later.
Massachusetts on Thursday unveiled what state officials called the first initiative in the country to offer tuition rebates
Federal loans have benefits that private loans don't if repayment becomes difficult later on, like monthly payments based on your income or forgiveness if you work in public service. But maybe you didn't know that when you were figuring out how to pay for college.
3. Provide your student with resources to increase their chances of getting college paid for (without student loan debt). Overall
Students who applied early to the University of New Hampshire will know by the end of the month if they were accepted. Then
Some students could get a reward for taking at least 15 credits a semester.
There's no one way to pay for grad school. Students often cobble funds together using savings, student loans, income from work or an employer stipend if that's available.
You might think it's impossible to save for retirement while you pay down student loans. Think again. Saving for retirement in your 20s is crucial; put away even a small amount now, and it will have decades to grow into a strong foundation for when you retire.
It's a lot more fun to celebrate college graduation than it is to develop a student loan repayment strategy. So if you're a new grad with federal loans, you'll likely end up on the default standard repayment plan, which requires you to pay a fixed amount every month for 10 years until your loans are paid off.
The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has sued Global Financial Support Inc., alleging that it deceptively markets and charges for financial aid services that students and families could otherwise get for free.
There are golden rules in the personal finance world, and this is one of them: An emergency fund is absolutely necessary, even if you have a big student loan payment.
Understanding how your loan servicer works, and communicating regularly with the company are your secret weapons for keeping your student loans under control.
What's scarier than a pile of blank college applications? How about being conned out of your college savings by the very people promising to help you pay for school. Thousands of students and parents are targeted by those seeking to capitalize on the public anxiety around tuition costs.
As national College Savings Month nears its end, it couldn't hurt to quickly check with your state's 529 college savings program, or with a financial advisor, to identify and take advantage of any special incentives, educational sessions or contests that may still be underway.